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Toxic Waste From Papua New Guinea Dumped At Cleanaway Ipswich Dump

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

UPDATED 21/07/2020: More permits included

Thanks to the State and Federal governments, Ipswich is fast becoming the toxic waste dump capital the South Pacific.

Cleanaway Ipswich is already under investigation of groundwater contamination with PFAS.

If proven, the State government may face another class action on this matter as the Department of Environment (DES) is responsible for granting permits for dumping and oversight of same.

Coupling this with the proposed dump expansions at New Chum, Lantrak Jeebropilly, Bio-Recycle at Swanbank, Wanless at Willowbank, BMI at New Chum and the Remondis incinerator at Swanbank it is clear unfortunately that this title will stay with Ipswich until the 22nd century at least and affect the health and wellbeing of residents now and into the future.

It has been shown that (DES) cannot manage and contain smells, dust and other issues with Environmental Authorities being watered down and impossible to manage, so it is certain that Ipswich residents already facing appeal costs in excess of $8 million dollars for refusing dump expansions will be suffering not only health wise, but economically as well.

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