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EPO Issued To Cleanaway

On Monday, DES issued an Environmental Protection Order (EPO) to Cleanaway as a result of the large toxic fire at the site on Sunday which affected many residents that night and the next morning (see attached, highlighting is by us).

NOW, it is also clear that there was another fire on the preceding Thursday as well.

This extra fire was not mentioned by Cleanaway staff during an interview on ABC radio Monday afternoon!

See the list of names of suburbs that reported health issues at item 13 in the EPO. Many Ipswich residents feel there is the need for a class action on the affects to local residents given IRATE has been complaining about this area of the operation for months to Cleanaway and DES, and Cleanaway had already encountered another fire 3 days earlier.

It is also unclear about the reported 3 water trucks used to fight the fire as Cleanaway only has 2 on site???

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